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Peru – the El dorado of South America

  • Chinchero

  • Coricancha

  • Cuzco

  • Machu Picchu

  • Sacsayhuaman

This famous land on the western shore of South America was the first I visited when I was in I was on this continent for the first time. It has a variety of cultural legacies, be it of the pre-Incan or Incan period up to the era of the Spanish Conquista you can, for example, admire in Lima, Arequipa, etc. Or think of the world-famous ruins of Machu Picchu or Sacsayhuamán above the city of Cusco, not to mention the enigmatic Nasca Lines, its earth roads and figures, a real treasure of mankind and nearly all tours through Peru which start from Lima in the direction of South, be it alongside the western coast on the legendary “Panaméricana” road or from Nasca going upcountry via Cusco to the Bolivian border, include this cultural jewel. As from 2017 we also will envisage the North of Peru in kind of a new tour offer which comes up to the beauty of nature and biodiversity of this country and where already the Amazonian lowlands begin. We have tropical clime there, but one can also admire historical ruins, both of the Inca and other regional cultures like, for example, the Chimu or the Mochica. So we are very proud offering all wonders of Peru in our tour collection in the future.